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BRAND UKRAINE is a team of professionals who systematically work with the brand of Ukraine. We specialise in international communication projects and have deep expertise in data analysis. Discover our comprehensive range of services for government institutions, non-profit organisations, and businesses.

What services do we provide?


Development of communication strategies  for government, non-profit organisations, and businesses

The strategists at Brand Ukraine have a proven track record in reforming the communication functions and processes within the Ukrainian government. This includes work with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Our experts have developed national communication strategies, such as the MFA Communication Strategy and MFA Public Diplomacy Strategy, as well as the communication strategy for the healthcare system reform in Ukraine. Additionally, they have experience crafting communication strategies for commercial companies.

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Development of global campaigns and lovemark projects

From What We Are Fighting For to #FreeTheLeopards and Open Your Heart for Ukraine at Eurovision 2023, international communication campaigns are a core focus of BRAND UKRAINE's work. To develop your campaign, we will conduct an in-depth market and audience analysis, identify key messages and optimal communication channels, and create an effective action plan to engage your target audience.

Our campaigns have been recognised with prestigious international awards, including the City Nation Place Awards 2023 for the Best Communications Strategy (Place
Brand) for the #WhatWeAreFightingFor project, the Cannes Lions Silver 2023 for the "Carol for Charity" project in the Radio & Audio (Not-for-Profit, Charity, Government) category, the Cannes Lions Bronze in the Media (Use of Audio Platforms) category, and 16 awards at the Kyiv International Advertising Festival. The #FreeTheLeopards campaign was a finalist at the New York Festivals in the Advertising Awards 2023 Collaborations & Partnerships: Best Use in both the Real-Time Response and User-Generated Content categories.

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Organisation of events and international conferences

Our organisation's portfolio boasts numerous events we are proud of, but the highlight is the BRAND UKRAINE International Conference. In 2024, the conference focused on Ukraine's soft power, which has become a true superpower amidst the full-scale war.

The event brought together experts in strategic communications, brand development, and global research, along with over 150 guests, to discuss the key narratives in Ukraine's communications over the past years and explore ways to transform them in the future.

Development of social media channels and websites for international audiences

The BRAND UKRAINE team has extensive experience in developing Ukraine's official digital ecosystem, Ukraine.ua, which has maintained a consistent international audience of 2.8 million and reached 1.6 billion digital contacts since 2022. Additionally, we have developed the social media presence for the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen Global Platform, an initiative by Ukraine's First Lady, Olena Zelenska.

Our services include digital audits, recommendations for optimising social media for international audiences, and suggestions for developing and SEO-optimising websites for global audiences.

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International research and foreign market studies

A data-driven approach is a cornerstone value for all BRAND UKRAINE projects. Up-to-date data enables us to make optimal and well-founded decisions. Therefore, upon your request, we can conduct research on the perception of your company's brand, analyse media or social media platforms for mentions of your company or brand, or assess the favourability of the information landscape for specific communication activities. We also provide comprehensive analysis services tailored to specific client requests regarding themes, regions, or markets.

Content production

Our team provides comprehensive content production services, encompassing textual, graphic, and video content—from concept development to final editing. We ensure high-quality visual content that captures attention and engages your audience, while preserving your brand's identity.

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Development of communication strategies for entering international markets

We conduct unique research on how Ukraine is perceived among foreign audiences, as well as awareness studies on Ukrainian brands abroad. This allows us to understand which international markets are best suited for products Made in Ukraine and why residents of specific countries choose (or do not choose) Ukrainian products. Our experts will assist your brand in entering foreign markets by considering the perceptions and recognition among target audiences in specific countries. We create strategies that effectively reach the desired clients at the right time.

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Consultations on crisis communications

Our experts are skilled in tools that help prevent crises and manage crisis communications. We can establish crisis response protocols within your company or organisation to minimise negative consequences and strengthen your reputation.

Our team has a successful track record in developing and implementing crisis management projects, including crisis communication protocols for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and communication management during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've also implemented a range of crisis prevention tools for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine during the healthcare reform launch in 2018-2019, along with numerous projects aimed at preventing communication crises for commercial companies and brands.

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Training sessions and workshops

BRAND UKRAINE experts can assist in constructing or enhancing your organisation's communications. Our services encompass communication audits, individual consultations, and specialised training workshops and educational programmes tailored to the specific needs and goals of your team.

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We are looking forward to working together! To learn more about our services, please contact Petro Darmoris, Head of the PR and partnership team, at petro.darmoris@brandukraine.org.ua.