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Our mission is to make Ukraine a lovemark for the world. We tell Ukraine’s story in a way that sparks interest and inspires people all over the world to engage and learn more about Ukraine. We contribute to a strong and sustainable brand of Ukraine in the world, its positive image and agency by developing lovemark projects and campaigns, digital solutions, and analytical products.

We want the world to know and hear the real Ukraine. To make our voice strong and loud both in times of victories and in times of struggle. And most importantly, to bring the day of our victory closer.

Our values

We are professionals
We are a team of professionals. Each of us, relying on our unique expertise, practical experience and professional skills, achieves the goals we set.

We are true
Our communication is sincere and open. We talk about true Ukraine, not an ideal one. And we are not afraid of emotions when they are real.

We are relevant
Our projects are relevant to the actual needs of foreign audiences who want to know more about Ukraine. That is why they are so impactful.

We have agency
We always communicate to the world about Ukraine from the perspective of Ukraine as an independent actor in the international arena.

We are sustainable
Each of our initiatives has a long-term impact. We always ensure further development and scaling up of our projects.

We are inclusive
We involve various stakeholders in the development of each project or policy paper and take into account their interests and expertise. We believe in partnership.

We are visual appeal’s adepts
We care about aesthetics. Visual appeal is an integral part of our projects. We always use up-to-date visual solutions in our communications.

We are flexible
We are flexible. The ability to quickly adapt and be open to changes is the cornerstone of effective teamwork and project implementation in the face of the instability of everyday reality.

We use a data-driven approach
Our projects are based on data and thorough analysis. Our solutions are efficient because we research the actual needs of the target audiences and use communications tools that address those needs most effectively.


BRAND UKRAINE is an institutionally independent and effective organisation

BRAND UKRAINE strengthens the capacity of the Government of Ukraine in strategic communications, research and analysis, and production of high-quality content that will contribute to the victory and effective development of Ukraine

BRAND UKRAINE advocates the importance of comprehensive work with the national brand of Ukraine


Марія Липяцька

Maria Lypiatska

Lightning icon Superpower: to bring the best people together

Marina Dadinova

Deputy Head and Head of Programs
Lightning icon Superpower: to organize chaos

Yaroslav Turbil

Co-founder, Board member
Lightning icon Superpower: to develop the community of millions of people inspired by Ukraine

Sofiya Dzhurynska

Co-founder, Board member
Lightning icon Superpower: to convert the power of partnership into projects
11 - Tetiana Momot

Tetiana Momot

Head of Operations
Lightning icon Superpower: to manage the process system for the best results
Darmoris copy

Petro Darmoris

Head of PR & Partnerships
Lightning icon Superpower: to bring financial sustainability to cool social projects

New Projects

NAD 2.0 case_01

Nations Against Disinformation 2.0

Countering Propaganda and Fake News in the Age of AI.
thank u card_insta post_saveoption

What We Are Fighting For 2.0: Thanksgiving Day campaign

The digital campaign was created for Thanksgiving and shows the true value of American aid to Ukraine with real human stories.
What We Are Fighting For

What We Are Fighting For

International communication campaign about 603,628 reasons why Ukrainian continue to fight for freedom and peace.

New Analytics

ukraine in major int media-04
  • Ukraine in major international media

Ukraine in major international online media and social media

June 2024
ukraine in major int media-04
  • Ukraine in major international media

Ukraine in major international online media and social media

May 2024
ukraine in major int media-04
  • Ukraine in major international media

Ukraine in major international online media and social media

April 2024

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