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The mission of our team is to help Ukraine to become a lovemark for the whole world. We want people from all over the world to be interested in our country. We want the world to admire Ukrainians. We want foreigners to want to cooperate with us and implement important projects together.

We want the world to know and hear the real Ukraine. To make our voice strong and loud both in times of victories and in times of struggle. And most importantly, to bring the day of our victory closer.

The principles of our team are the driving force of future changes

We are real.
Our communication is sincere and open. We talk about Ukraine as it really is, uncensored. And we are not afraid to be emotional.

We are relevant.
Our projects are responses to the requests of foreign audiences. It is important for us that the initiatives we implement are useful and interesting for them in the first place.

We are biased.
We always tell the world about Ukraine from the Ukrainian perspective. Our country has many ideas and solutions, and is a strong and influential state in the international arena.

We are sustainable.
Each of our initiatives has a long-term impact. During the implementation of projects, we use different approaches and tools that further help to develop and scale them.

We are inclusive.
Partnership is the superpower of our team, which helps to achieve the highest quality result. We involve our partners in every project and development of a strategically important solution for the country.

We are aesthetic.
Visual images enhance our work. Therefore, we use modern visual solutions and trends in our communication.

We are data-driven.
Each of our projects or campaigns takes into account analytical data and is based on insights from audiences. We offer the audience what they want to know.


The world does not forget about the full-scale war in Ukraine and actively supports us

Ukraine's voice in the world is strong and subjective

Ukraine's brand is multidimensional – Ukraine is known not only in the context of war

A strategic vision of Ukraine's brand development has been formed


Марія Липяцька

Mariia Lypiatska

Lightning icon Superpower: to bring the best people together
Тамара Новосельська

Tamara Novoselska

Lightning icon Superpower: to make the data comprehensible
Інна Перегуда

Inna Pereguda

Lightning icon Superpower: to manage numbers with one click of the mouse

Ksusha Demchenko

SEO specialist
Lightning icon Superpower: to bring websites to the top of search engines

Mariia Palyvoda

SMM Manager
Lightning icon Superpower: to generate creative ideas for content

Sofiya Dzhurynska

Head of PR and partnerships
Lightning icon Superpower: to convert the power of partnership into projects

New Projects

Culture From Idea to Ideology - Project Cover_upd2

Culture: From Idea to Ideology

The communication campaign presents an interactive quiz and a series of articles


Ukraine's official website and social media profiles
Artboard 40_2dusha

Russia’s War Crimes

Online archive

New Analytics

  • Ukraine's Global Perception Report

Ukraine's global perception report

  • Ukraine's brand attributes tracker

Ukraine's brand attributes tracker

October - December 2022
  • Ukraine in major international media

Ukraine in major international media

December 2022

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