Nations Against Disinformation 2.0

Countering Propaganda and Fake News in the Age of AI.



The goal of the project was to enhance the visibility of disinformation, a formidable threat to humanity, preventing its control over society and curbing the dissemination of hatred, anti-scientific sentiments, and instigating aggressive behavior.


The campaign was part of a wider initiative launched in 2022. NAD’s broader mission is to unite the efforts of different countries in exchanging strategies and practices to counter disinformation. 


The interactive surveys, quizzes, and an explainer were launched on the’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages.

The two series of surveys were meant to spark conversation and engagement within the campaign’s audience, with each question designed to motivate people to think about the challenge of distinguishing truth from fake news. After each series of questions, we posted a summary of the results on Instagram stories, as well as other platforms, to showcase the thoughts of the community and illustrate the importance of countering disinformation.

The surveys were followed with two quizzes with surprising news from 2023. Each series consisted of five headlines; some of them were true, and some were false. Followers were tasked with making guesses. After each statement, we provided explanations about whether the news was real or fake.

The explainer showcased the most unbelievable fake news of 2023, illustrating how even the most surprising lies can be promoted and perceived as truth.

Overall, the campaign encouraged participants to reflect on their actions by posing thought-provoking questions. It prompted them to consider the impact of sharing fake stories, questioning whether they unintentionally contributed to misinformation. Participants were urged to contemplate whether they might have inadvertently become disseminators of disinformation. Furthermore, the campaign prompted individuals to envision potential shifts in their reality if they were not resistant to the influence of disinformation.


The campaign reached over 452 000 users across all social media platforms.


  • 87% of followers on Instagram think that fake news has a negative impact on their lives.
  • 94% of followers on Instagram consider disinformation one of the biggest threats in the future.
  • 62% of followers believe they can’t easily recognise AI-generated fake news online.
  • followers verify the trustworthiness of the information by crosschecking, employing common sense and critical thinking, subscribing solely to official and reliable sources, and checking for author bias.
  • Key words of 2023, according to followers: resilience, peace, hope, AI, change, bravery, perseverance, fight, and freedom.


Marina Dadinova
Oleksandra Marchenko
Anastasiia Gunchenko
Mariia Palyvoda
Tim Makarov
Veronika Lutska
Anhelina Hrytsei
Alina Dmytrenko
Yuliia Rodionova

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