What We Are Fighting For 2.0: Thanksgiving Day campaign

The digital campaign was created for Thanksgiving and shows the true value of American aid to Ukraine with real human stories.



The project aims to raise awareness among the US residents about the importance of supporting Ukraine for their values and national interests, as well as to counteract information manipulations about Ukraine in the US information space.  


Amidst the heated political pre-election debates in the US, support for Ukraine in the war against Russian aggression is one of the topics that polarise American society. 

The analysis of key US media shows that while discussing Ukraine at high-level geopolitical and economic discussions, the people's stories and stories that prove the extraordinary value and effectiveness of the US aid to Ukrainians are hardly ever spotlighted. 

Moreover, securing support for Ukraine in the budget for 2024 is still a subject for debate.


The campaign was created for Thanksgiving and shows the true value of American aid to Ukraine with real human stories. A value that is not measured only by the amount of military aid but above all, by the saved lives of Ukrainian military and civilian people. It is priceless, and our gratitude to the people of the United States is unmeasurable.


The digital communication campaign in the US included several components.

A campaign video.
The campaign video was a message of gratitude from Ukrainians to the people of the United States. It was disseminated on social media and could later be broadcast during major local offline events, such as concerts or sports events.

Gratitude cards.
The cards, expressing gratitude to the American people and featuring QR codes that lead to personal stories of Ukrainians, were distributed through Ukraine.ua social media and disseminated among the US residents as targeted ads.

Advertising banners. 
Thanks to the friendly help of our American partners, the thank-you cards were also distributed as advertising banners on American websites and displayed throughout the United States.

Key Points from Our Partners

"The task for our agency was to explain to Americans what we are fighting for. We have decided to start not with a statement but with gratitude — for what American citizens have already done during these two years.

Gratitude and respect for partners are some of our traits, and what could be a better reason to express them than Thanksgiving. We have shown how through sincere gratefulness we can underline the most valuable  — and that is people's lives. Saved life of every person.

Gratitude is about sincerity, so our art director decided to draw Thank You Cards by hand. This is how the whole series of postcards was created. The main emphasis is on the military element that saved lives. It's a metaphor for the contribution of every American and their taxes. All contributions combined directly result in the saved Ukrainian lives and bring our victory closer."

Bickerstaff.734 creative agency 



The digital campaign reached 602,419 contacts in the US and accumulated 9,600,000 banner ad impressions.

The pilot campaign was implemented in the states of Texas, Ohio, and Louisiana. We have collected and analyzed all reactions and comments from users in the USA, which will help us to make further work with the American audience even more effective.


🔵 When discussing the crucial need for sustained strategic backing for Ukraine, residents in the three targeted states often draw parallels with World War II. They point to a time when, at the war's outset, US citizens didn't initially grasp the rationale behind providing assistance to European allies but eventually found themselves directly engaged in the conflict.

🔵 Criticism is directed at both Republicans and Democrats supporting the policy of isolationism. For those expressing such criticism, Ukraine stands as a model worth championing.

🔵 US residents also hold in high regard the bravery of Ukrainians defending their homeland. They acknowledge President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's decision not to abandon the country at the onset of a full-scale war. 

🔵 Social media users from three targeted states stress that Ukrainians are actively combating aggression and genocide, particularly countering false claims that Ukraine is part of Russia.

🔵 However, some US residents express reservations about committing to long-term support for Ukraine, citing concerns about corruption, bloodshed in conflicts, and potential adverse effects on the US economy. 

🔵 Subscribers additionally voice discontent about their taxes being allocated to assist Ukraine, arguing that these funds could address domestic issues such as migration, hunger, and homelessness. 

🔵 There are those who argue against allocating billions to Ukraine, doubting ever seeing a return on that investment.

Special Thanks

The creative idea and social media campaign were developed by the Bickerstaff.734 creative agency. 

The campaign was financed by the European Union.


Oleksandra Marchenko
Marina Dadinova
Mariia Palyvoda
Mariia Lypiatska
Oleksandra Haidai
Anastasiia Hunchenko
Tim Makarov
Veronika Lutska
Anhelina Hrytsei

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