We help Ukraine to become a lovemark for millions of foreigners

We develop a strong brand of Ukraine so that the whole world knows about us.

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About Us

BRAND UKRAINE is an organisation founded to help Ukraine become a lovemark for the world. Our team implements international communication projects to develop Ukraine's brand worldwide. We also provide expert support to the government of Ukraine in the field of strategic communications, research and analysis and high-quality content production.

Streamline activities

Access to verified information about Ukraine

Promoting Ukraine's strategic narratives and countering foreign-led disinformation

Ukraine's brand promotion

Institutional capacity building of the organisation

Our team is developing Ukraine.ua together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

We call this project a digital ecosystem, which includes the official English-language pages of Ukraine on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube and the official websites of Ukraine ukraine.ua and war.ukraine.ua.

Every month millions of foreigners receive verified information and learn interesting things about Ukraine on Ukraine.ua channels.

We call this project a digital ecosystem, which includes the official English-language pages of Ukraine in social networks:

Follow the official websites of Ukraine

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New Projects



Flash mob campaign to advocate for the supply of German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Russia’s Famine Games

Change the rules of the survival games run by Russia, de-block the truth about Ukraine’s food supplies in the wartime
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A data-driven campaign to counter disinformation in Africa, Asia and the Middle East

A digital campaign based on survey results helped to discover useful findings for Ukraine's fight against disinformation in distant regions

New Analytics

  • Тематичний аналітичний матеріал


Вересень 2023
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  • Україна в провідних міжнародних ЗМІ

Ukraine in major international online media

August 2023
  • Ukraine's Global Perception Report

Ukraine's global perception report


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