What We Are Fighting For

International communication campaign about 603,628 reasons why Ukrainian continue to fight for freedom and peace.



The project aims to convey to a foreign audience why the territorial integrity of Ukraine cannot be a subject of discussion under any circumstances and what every Ukrainian man and woman is fighting for, in particular global peace, freedom and the future of the whole world. These principles are integrated into the Peace Formula of the President of Ukraine. The campaign also explains the values of Ukrainians, which they share with other peoples of the world, and emphasizes the diversity of Ukraine's regions.


The voices of ordinary Ukrainians became a significant inspiration for the campaign. Ukrainians shared their own stories of struggle in the comments — specifically, what motivates them. Among the reasons most frequently mentioned was the commitment to protecting our native home, family, culture, common roots, and future. Answers were provided by Ukrainians from diverse parts of the country, all united by a common goal. This unity became the key idea of the campaign.


There are 603,628 reasons why Ukrainians continue to fight, mirroring the expanse of the territory of sovereign Ukraine. Each square kilometer represents a thousand-year history of the country, its traditions and heritage, language, contributions to global welfare, and, of course, the people who bravely defend their land.


The central component of the #WhatWeAreFightingFor campaign, whose main phase commenced on February 24, 2023, exactly a year after the onset of a full-scale war, is a unique special project hosted on the official website of Ukraine (Ukraine.ua). This project sheds light on the peculiarities of each region of Ukraine, with articles crafted in collaboration with leading national historical institutions and experts. The campaign is further enriched by a series of videos, explainers, and creative activations tailored for social networks.

The interactive site comprises 26 articles in both English and Ukrainian, unveiling the authentic and multifaceted history of 24 regions of Ukraine, including Crimea and Kyiv. These articles are grounded in facts about each region, exploring their roots, heritage, people, and the reasons why Ukrainians are fighting for them. Some of these facts may surprise readers, as they debunk Russian disinformation narratives that have manipulated people's consciousness for centuries, particularly in relation to Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk regions. The campaign aims to present the real Ukrainian history.

Key Insights from Our Partners

“A year ago, on February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, preceded by 8 years of aggression against our country. Ukraine fought back courageously and with dignity because we know what we are fighting for: our land, our families, our homes — every region, every Ukrainian man and woman, every square meter of Ukrainian land. This campaign tells the world the true story of our struggle,” says Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is fighting for independence, democracy, its people, culture, origin, and territorial integrity, as well as for a free world for all of us. Millions of Ukrainians have inspired the whole world. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in building a safe and better future for Ukraine and the world as a whole,” said Ambassador Matti Maasikas, head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.


The campaign won in the category of “Best Communications Strategy (Place Brand)” at the international conference City Nation Place Global 2023 in London. This category recognizes the best communication strategies for countries, cities, and territories. The total reach of #WhatWeAreFightingFor across digital media and social networks has surpassed 15 million. The campaign is available for viewers not only on Ukraine.ua online platforms but also in person. Thanks to cooperation with Ukrzaliznytsia, the video manifesto of the campaign is broadcasted on all Intercity and Intercity+ domestic and international trains.

Special Gratitude

The social media campaign, along with its accompanying texts, was prepared by the ANGRY agency and Ukrainian journalist Yurii Marchenko. The creative concept and website were developed by CF.Digital. The visual partner for the project is the international content platform Depositphotos. The campaign is financed by the European Union.

Special thanks for the support in the development of the campaign go to the communications agency plusone social impact, the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, and the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance.


Yaroslav Turbil
Nata Druhak
Veronika Lutska
Mariia Palyvoda
Mariia Lypiatska
Sofiya Dzhurynska
Marina Dadinova
Kseniia Demchenko
Tamara Novoselska

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