BRAND UKRAINE at the forum in Brussels

The EU-Ukraine forum on countering disinformation “Resisting russia’s false narrative”
Jan. 10, 2023, 3:02 p.m.

On December 6, Maria Lypiatska, CEO of BRAND UKRAINE, opened the EU-Ukraine Forum on Countering Disinformation “Resisting Russia’s False Narrative” in Brussels.

The Forum brought together key experts from governmental organizations and civil society from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, the UK and other countries. The participants discussed the most effective tools for countering disinformation.

I believe this forum can and should become a regular annual event where we can continue to gather best practitioners in the sphere of countering disinformation and exchange very practical tools, instruments and knowledge that will result in concrete joint projects and cooperation.

– says Maria Lypiatska, CEO of BRAND UKRAINE

Disinformation is targeting international cooperation and solidarity and undermines trust between partners and friends. Thus, enhancing practical day-to-day cooperation, not just running similar projects simultaneously, is a key to combating this threat efficiently. We believe that the Ukraine-EU forum on countering disinformation could become one of the powerful tools for best practice exchange to strengthen our unity.

– said Marina Dadinova, Head of programs BRAND UKRAINE, moderator of Panel II

The full video of the conference in English is available on the YouTube channel.

The conference is organized by BRAND UKRAINE organisation and Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Mission of Ukraine to the EU.

The event was funded by the European Union.