BRAND UKRAINE’s first strategic session

During August 31 – September 2, the BRAND UKRAINE team travelled to Verkhovyna in the Western part of Ukraine to participate in their first strategic session and define organisational goals until December 2024.
Sept. 6, 2023, 10:57 a.m.

The mission and ideas of BRAND UKRAINE have brought together 26 professionals who share values, love towards Ukraine, and desire to do everything in their power to bring Ukraine's victory closer. Yet, such rapid growth of the team in just one year and a half and the volatility of the world require the organisation to review its goals and processes systematically, as well as sync all team members.

The strategic session was facilitated by Viktoriia Mryshuk, mentor, organisation coach, and co-designer of interactions, training and facilitated sessions. Victoria helped the team stay focused during these several days of intense work and discussions. As a result, we:

  • clearly defined strategic goals for the next year and a half;
  • identified our priority tasks;
  • agreed on the next steps in all areas of our work;
  • got to know our new colleagues and synced up in our vision of the future.


Another important part of the strategic sessions was the “Survivors» team-building game. It helped us all learn more about each other and increase mutual trust.

And last but not least, having spent these few days in the Carpathian Mountains, the team received inspiration and strength to carry on implementing our mission of making Ukraine a lovemark for the world.