BRAND UKRAINE at the 8th City Nation Place Global Conference

The team shared their experience of developing Ukraine's national brand during the wartime in London
Dec. 25, 2022, 9:12 p.m.

On November 9-10 in London, Maria Lypiatska, CEO of BRAND UKRAINE, shared her experience of developing the national brand of Ukraine during the war at the 8th City Nation Place Global Conference.

City Nation Place Global Conference is one of the world's leading events for teams that develop brands of countries around the world. The conference brings together experts working to promote the image of cities, regions or countries, develop tourism, attract talent and investment, and increase economic competitiveness.

The case of Ukraine today is quite a unique example. This is a case when the brand of the country was formed by the people themselves, Ukrainians, who inspired millions with their heroic struggle, resistance to the brutal war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. Until recently, Ukraine was a blank spot on the map for many people, but today it is a symbol of freedom, invincibility, and unconquerability for the whole world.

I do believe that it is values and powerful emotional human stories that have driven the success of Ukraine's international communications. I would also like to mention the effective use of data, understanding the context, fact-checking and proper timing.

– says Mariia Lypiatska, CEO of BRAND UKRAINE.